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Vodka Politics: Alcohol, Autocracy, and the Secret History of the Russian State

Post yr observe: First released December nineteenth 2013

Russia is known for its vodka, and its tradition of utmost intoxication. yet simply as vodka is crucial to the lives of many Russians, it's also vital to realizing Russian background and politics.

In Vodka Politics, Mark Lawrence Schrad argues that debilitating societal alcoholism isn't really hard-wired into Russians' genetic code, yet relatively their autocratic political process, which has lengthy wielded vodka as a device of statecraft. via a chain of old investigations stretching from Ivan the bad via Vladimir Putin, Vodka Politics offers the key background of the Russian kingdom itself-a heritage that's soaking wet in liquor. Scrutinizing (rather than pushing aside) the position of alcohol in Russian politics yields a extra nuanced realizing of Russian historical past itself: from palace intrigues below the tsars to the drunken antics of Soviet and post-Soviet management, vodka is there in abundance.

Beyond shiny anecdotes, Schrad scours unique files and archival facts to reply to provocative old questions. How have Russia's rulers used alcohol to solidify their autocratic rule? What position did alcohol play in tsarist coups? was once Nicholas II's ill-fated prohibition a catalyst for the Bolshevik Revolution? may possibly the Soviet Union became an international strength with no liquor? How did vodka politics give a contribution to the cave in of either communism and public well-being within the Nineteen Nineties? How can the Kremlin triumph over vodka's hurdles to provide better social health and wellbeing, prosperity, and democracy into the future?

Viewing Russian historical past throughout the backside of the vodka bottle is helping us to appreciate why the "liquor question" continues to be very important to Russian excessive politics even today-almost a century after the difficulty were positioned to mattress in such a lot some other sleek kingdom. certainly, spotting and confronting vodka's devastating political legacies could be the maximum political problem for this iteration of Russia's management, in addition to the subsequent

An Historical Introduction to the European Union

An historic creation to the ecu Union is a chronological political historical past of eu integration from the Fifties to the current. additionally it is a contextualising survey of wider ecu historical past because the 1600s, and locations unification opposed to a history of global politics. This in actual fact written creation to the basic historical past, economics and politics of the eu Union assumes no previous wisdom.

From Tsar To Soviets

Written from the point of view of the manufacturing facility employee and peasant on the flooring point, this research of Russia through the Revolution 1917-21 goals to make clear the realities of residing via and taking part in those tumultuous occasions. The ebook is meant for undergraduate classes in heritage, Soviet experiences, and politics.

Stalin : new biography of a dictator

Josef Stalin exercised very best energy within the Soviet Union from 1929 until eventually his demise in 1953. in the course of that quarter-century, through Oleg Khlevniuk’s estimate, he prompted the imprisonment and execution of no fewer than one million Soviet voters according to yr. thousands extra have been sufferers of famine without delay due to Stalin's guidelines.

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Brief in part because of lack of material: there are, for instance, no systematic figures on Russian-national language bilingualism in the early period, and statistical materials of all kinds are exceedingly scarce for the late Stalinist period. REFERENCES Allworth, E . (1964), Uzbek Literary Politics, The Hague. Anweiler, 0 . ), 41-51. Avrovin, V. A. (1975), Problemy funktsional'no{ storony iiizyka, Leningrad. Simon Crisp 43 Bacon, E. (1966), Central Asians under Russian Rule, Ithaca, New York.

1972), Multilingualism in the Soviet Union, The Hague. Mikhankova, V. A . (1949), Nikolai Iakovlevich Marr: ocherk ego zhizni i nauchnoi deiatel'nosti, Moscow and Leningrad. Murkelinskii, G. B. (1979), 'Voprosy normalizatsii literaturnykh iazykov Dagestana', Annual of Ibero-Caucasian Linguistics, vol. 6, 258-69. Musaev, K. M. (1965), Alfavity iazykov narodov SSSR, Moscow. Musaev, K. M. ) (1973), Orfografii tiurkskikh literaturnykh iazykov narodov SSSR, Moscow. Novgorodov, S. A. (1977) , Pervye shagi iakutskoi pis'mennosti.

Such facts were made much of in the emigre press of the time- Daghestani observers outside the country, for example, were quick to point out that mention of the reform project only began to be made in Daghestan after it had been officially approved in Moscow. Further fuel for the accusations of russification was provided by the fact that the reform of the alphabet virtually coincided with the introduction of Russian as a compulsory subject in schools which took place at about the same time (decree of 13 March 1938; see Anweiler 1982: 43).

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