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He shrugged off his strange feelings. The money was in hand. Mrs. Mather would be pleased. He had made thirty-seven-fifty for an hour of work during the month when the tourist season was ending. And the Wheelers had gotten what they wanted, a house with a maximum of privacy. He had not expected them to pay that much freight. The man's shoes had been black, cheap, cracked across the instep. Hedges always looked at their shoes. It was a better index than automobiles. You couldn't buy shoes on time.

He says he and his wife have moved in with the old boy. " "Sure. A million bucks. " "Wait a minute. Four years didn't soften me up. After Riverio hid me out I started thinking about it, wondering if it could be true. So I had Riverio run a check. He had somebody come over from Miami and look around. It gets checked a half dozen ways and it adds up to a minimum of a half million. Cash. It could be a hell of a lot more. He lives in a big stone house. The Preston couple and some old jig live there with the doctor.

I just had time to hit the tide change. I figured on maybe a red in that hole out there. I just got to make one cast and this real mean guy comes running down out of the house. ' He looked like some kind of gangster, honest. He looked like he was going to hit me. I tried to say I didn't know it had been rented, and he just said it again. I came home. There's a woman there too. I saw her through the window. She was looking out. You know who she kind of looks like? " "We'll see about this," Ben said.

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