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Pardon’) (Drew 1997) will be compared with those that locate the repairable more specifically and/or supply a candidate offer to the child. Some tentative suggestions will be made concerning the ordering of these devices in oral language lessons. It is of further empirical interest to compare the findings to studies conducted by conversation analysts in first and second language discourse contexts since there is no parallel work in the classrooms of children with SSLD. J. org by guest on December 31, 2010 qualified as speech and language therapists/pathologists, they did have post-training qualifications in the area of language development and SSLDs.

She displays this confusion with a specific request in line 23 to define the problematic phrase (‘his neighbourhood’). ’ supplies Ch with information that a word definition is needed. In line 24, the child does not, however, supply a definition but responds by reformulating the trouble source. The child’s self-repair is prefaced by ‘I mean’ that appears to indicate a degree of metalinguistic awareness on her part about self-correction. That Ch produces the lexical item (‘neighbour’) at line 24 gives T opportunity for a repeat and, therefore, a further module of the correct lexis.

Chandrasegaran, A. 2000. ‘Cultures in contact in academic writing: students’ perceptions of plagiarism,’ Asian Journal of English Language Teaching 10: 91–113. , C. Thompson, and A. Pennycook. 2004. ‘Beyond plagiarism: transgressive and nontransgressive intertextuality,’ Journal of Language, Identity, and Education 3: 171–93. Currie, P. 1998. ‘Staying out of trouble: apparent plagiarism and academic survival,’ Journal of Second Language Writing 7: 1–18. org at Anhui University of Finance and Economics on December 31, 2010 teacher’s perceptions of the students’ citing behaviors in terms of, for example, how successful the student writers are in learning the conventional citing forms and whether they are right to omit citations for information they think is common knowledge.

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