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These light sources directly influence the images you create as a photographer. The Color Temperature of Light Color temperature is a term used to describe the color of light. Every light source has a color temperature. However, color temperature refers to the color value of the light rather than its heat value. Light’s color temperature is measured in units called kelvin (K). This temperature scale measures the relative intensity of red to blue light. Warmer light—light that tends to cast an orangish-red tint across the image—has a lower temperature.

Many cameras offer several file settings; for example, DSLR cameras usually have two settings, allowing the photographer to shoot an 8-bit JPEG file (with 8 bits per color channel) or a 16-bit RAW image file (with 12 to 14 bits per color channel). Image file types use static bit depths. JPEG, RAW, and TIFF all have different bit depths. As you can see in the table below, the file type you shoot your images in dramatically impacts the tones visible in your images. Bit depth per color channel Possible tonal values per color channel 2 4 4 16 8 256 JPEG, some TIFF 12 4096 Most RAW 14 16,384 Some RAW 16 65,536 Some TIFF Nearest equivalent file type Note: The bit depth of an image file is uniform (each pixel in the image has the same number of bits) and is initially determined according to how the image was captured.

The result of the final calculation would be a color that is close but not accurate. Unfortunately, information is lost. 5, floating-point calculations can use this value to create a more accurate final color. 95 79 63 47 31 15 0 44 Chapter 3 Understanding Resolution Understanding How Aperture Uses Floating Point Internally, Aperture uses floating-point calculations to minimize quantization errors when image adjustments are processed. Floating-point calculations can represent an enormous range of values with very high precision, so when adjustments are applied to an image, the resulting pixel values are as accurate as possible.

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