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"Virginie Despentes's Apocalypse Baby stored me up numerous nights in a row—in half simply because it is a excellent page-turner, and partially simply because i used to be nervous to work out how Despentes may maintain her narrative journey. Apocalypse Baby is greater than a compelling punk, queerish spin at the noir style. it's a choral functionality that tumbles its readers into the guts of violent spectacle, with all its attendant grief, unease, and unclarity."—Maggie Nelson, writer of The artwork of Cruelty and professor on the California Institute of the Arts

"Virginie Despentes's social feedback is blistering, yet her prose is laid-back. Apocalypse Baby is an addictive feminist mystery that reads like shameless gossip out of your smartest friend."—Johanna Fateman

Apocalypse Baby is a brilliant, fast paced secret a few lacking adolescent lady touring via Paris and Barcelona. She is tailed by way of mismatched deepest investigators: the Hyena, half ruthless interrogator, half oversexed rock megastar, and Lucie, her simple and passive—almost to the purpose of invisible—sidekick. As their determined seek unfolds, they interrogate a suspicious solid of characters, and the darkish center of latest formative years tradition is exposed.

Cult writer and filmmaker Virginie Despentes has written many award-winning books, together with King Kong Theory, and Apocalypse Baby, which gained the 2010 Prix Renaudot whilst it used to be first released in France. She is the co-director of the reveal variations of her debatable novels Baise-Moi and Bye Bye Blondie.

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I discussed her a lot with her teachers before the police came. She didn’t confide in any of them in particular. She had good grade averages on the whole. This is a private school, and we specialize in helping students who haven’t performed well elsewhere. That’s not exactly her problem. ” I ask myself what criteria the Hyena has in the questions she asks. As if the head is going to tell us that she was good at math and, eureka, we’d go and look for her in a chess tournament. The thing is, she puts her questions with such aplomb, and this ingratiating air of being serious and concerned, that the person facing her offers answers without realizing the absurdity of the conversation.

I continue to act evasively.  . ” “You think you’re Inspector Maigret? ” I don’t really get her sense of humor and her cheerfulness sounds too loud. I wonder whether she slept with that girl yesterday. ” “I’d rather you put the father off till tomorrow. I’ve got someone around there today. I’ll explain. ” This woman’s a loser. Just wants someone to spend the day with. Her reputation must be even more exaggerated than I thought, she’s so much at a loose end that she hasn’t had work for months, so she’s pounced on my case like a tiger on a monkey.

And she employs it full time to get on his nerves. It’s never been easy. When her mother — 47 — walked out, the little girl was like a poisoned souvenir of how things had been between them. Vanessa. Vanessa had been called Louisa when he met her. She’d decided to change her name one day. Vanessa liked change. The clear memory of the years spent with her. Fourteen years later, and it seems like yesterday. The cruel illusion, when he wakes up, that she’s beside him, still tortures him with piercing sharpness.

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