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By Richley Crapo; Bonnie Glass-Coffin

Transcribed from the unique Nahuatl manuscript (written circa 1600) and translated into English for the 1st time, this epic chronicle tells the preconquest background of the Tlaxcalteca, who migrated into critical Mexico from the northern frontier of the Toltec empire at its fall. by the point of Cort?s's arrival within the 16th century, the Tlaxcalteca have been the most competitors to the Mexica, or Aztecs, as they're regularly identified. one of many few peoples of principal Mexico now not governed from the Mexica capital urban of Tenochtitlan, the Tlaxcalteca resided within the subsequent valley to the east and have become Cort?s's strong allies. They have been additionally audio system of the Nahuatl language who a worldly agriculturally dependent city lifestyle and documented their historical past in conventional —painted books—created through especially knowledgeable scribes. therefore, their chronicle, An?nimo Mexicano, bargains an extraordinary replacement point of view at the heritage of critical Mexico, which has been ruled within the renowned mind's eye via the tales of the Mexica. the unique An?nimo Mexicano is housed within the Bibliotheque Nationale de Paris. Its first whole book the following incorporates a complete English translation, the unique classical Nahuatl, a contemporary Nahuatl model, and finished annotation. This definitive variation therefore may be important for linguists, ethnohistorians, folklorists, Mesoamerican students, and others. in addition, somebody attracted to the epic beginning stories of peoples and countries will locate curiosity in An?nimo Mexicano's grand narrative of dynastic wars, conquests, and migrations, forged in mythological phrases.

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Folio 11 [. . yahua]lozque415 yníc cueciuhque chichi-meca, amo cualli nícan totlan onozque, matí-quin pehuacan, onpa in theotl yxco; Ynic yequin Yaomani loque. cenca huey mí qui liztli-419 omotac Yncepan 30 Anónimo Mexicano huíc ýnon tla man pan. momic tianí. || in ce:panhui:c ino:n tlamanpan momictiani. ||421 finally they prepared for war. Death was very much seen, and throughout that region they were killing each other. mitoa. cayno míque Pipiltin Mexíca yei xiquí pillí, auh yn Macehualtin âmo-opohualo qué, auh yni mezo Yno míque nelompa ocallaquíto amanaloían Chimal huacan, miequintin yn otzizquiloque mexica oquimelteque in chichimeca yxpan y nitheuh- Camaxtlí,424 ôquin425 huen manílíquê.

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