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It is fall within the Sierra Mountains, and Anna Pigeon is slinging hash in Yosemite nationwide Park's old Ahwahnee lodge. 4 youth, all seasonal park staff, have disappeared, and weeks of labor via crack search-and-rescue groups have did not occur a unmarried clue; investigators are uncertain as to if the 4 went AWOL for purposes in their personal - or died within the park. desiring an out-of-park ranger to paintings undercover, Anna is certain to eating room responsibility; yet after per week of ready tables, she understands the lacking staff are just the 1st indication of a disorder threatening the park. Her twenty-something roommates surrender their party-girl methods and panic; her new eating place colleagues regard her with suspicion and worry. but whilst Anna's lifestyles if threatened and her transitority manager turns a deaf ear, she follows the odor of evil, taking a solo hike up a snowy trial to the excessive nation, looking solutions. What awaits her is a nightmare of demise and greed - and maybe her ultimate event.

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They were wheeling Cricket out when the chief ranger walked into the dining room. " she asked, looking at Anna. "She did. The older lady," replied an EMT whom Anna had liked till that moment. " Lorraine Knight asked. Anna looked to Tiny. Amazingly the head waitress nodded assent. "Please," Nicky whispered, catching Anna's hand as she turned to go. " Her face had lost color, and though her friend was in good hands, none of the terror had left her eyes. "See if Tiny will let you go home. You need to lie down, get something hot to drink.

There was more of the vicious scavenger about them than the clean-kill predator. "Let's go," Anna said. Looking close to tears, Mary rose and followed Anna toward the door. As Anna passed the dark-eyed man, he grabbed her arm. Her whole body flinched with the effort of not driving her elbow into his larynx. " he asked in his even boardroom voice. The lies that sprang to mind-Dix's aunt, mother's friend used to live here-couldn't be voiced. Mary would know she was lying and, being a bright girl, would begin to wonder why.

Faces hardened under the boozy blur, that instant sobriety hard drinkers can affect after enough years at it. Limbs stiffened and moved to positions of greater mobility. The door banged open and a man of middling height and delicate bone structure pushed in. " The words were barely out when he noticed they had company. Already Anna detested him. He'd used her least favorite word in the English language. The next few minutes did nothing to change her mind. Vulgar jocularity vanished. He took in first Anna, then Mary, exposed in the gray wash of light from the fading day.

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