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13) shows that PCT — PE. This is illustrated by the convergence o f curves ABC and DEC at large values o f L. When the strut is very short, PE that Pcr PEf. 13) shows This is illustrated by the convergence o f curves AFG and ABC at small values o f L. 6). When the core is weak in shear, Pc — 0 and PCT — PEf\ that is, the core ceases to provide effective connection between the faces, which buckle as independent struts. BUCKLING OF SANDWICH STRUTS 53 F I G . 2. Critical load of an axially-loaded pin-ended sandwich strut.

It may also be necessary to take the effect into account when performing tests on sandwich beams to determine the shear modulus o f the core. T o discuss the nature o f this interaction between the bending stiffness o f the faces and the shear stiffness o f the core, consider first a sandwich with a core which is rigid in shear (G = « » ) and with a load qi per unit length. A deflection wi occurs in accordance with ordinary bending theory. This deflection is associated with a bending moment Mi and a shear force Qu the latter being given by: -Qi = Dw[" = £ ( / - / / ) < ' + £ / / < ' .

W[' = w'2' — 0. 3 C 3 = 0, C 5 = C e = - C 2/ a . C w w>l> ^ 2 » i' a re continuous. In all there are eighteen equations and eighteen constants to be determined. 50). 51) l — £ 7 to- review ^ > ^ ( which -T)- is usually It is now convenient the analysis applied to a beam under four-point loading in order to determine the flexural rigidity EI. 15 shows the central portion o f the beam, EAF, with Ε and F equidistant from A. Under the influence o f a constant bending moment, M , this part bends 39 SANDWICH BEAMS into an arc o f a circle o f centre Ο and curvature 1 /R = M/EI.

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