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This is, in part,a consequenceof theirsituationin a Christianmilieu which preachedthe evils of carnalityand the virtues of celibacy, while countenancingfrequentencountersof all kinds betweenmen and women. It is a reflection,equally, of the entire qualityof German-Jewish pietistic spirituality,which saw quite clearly the correspondencebetweenthe desire evokedby womenandthe love demandedby God,andrecognizedthecritical need to distinguishdecisively betweenthem. StateUniversity of NewYorkatAlbany Albany,N.

Subsequently the practice of beginning services at that early hour was extended throughout the year to alleviate the pressure on the limited facilities (Hayim 1977:14b). The innovationscoincided government-backed with a greatexpansionof commerce,resultingfromBritishpolicies in India. The opening of the Suez Canal caused ancient inland routes of commerceto stagnate,andinternationalcommerceto move southwardto the portof Basra. On another occasion a protagonistin a disputefoundit necessaryto explainwhy he had not circulateda mass petitionto advancehis cause (Ben-Yaakob1980a:169).

AJS Review 19/1 (1994): 19-44 19 20 SHLOMODESHEN academic reasons. As a pointof methodology necessitatesincorporating it may be stated that a general thesis to which there are exceptions is superficial;the exceptions requireto be woven into the generalityso that the thesis can be formulatedin a nuancedway. The populationdevelopedan imageof itself as organizedin a markedlysteep, stratifiedway. The main sourcesfor the studyare the legal responsaof local sages, especially Rabbis cAbdullaSomekh (1813-1889) and Yosef Hayim (1834-1909), and the sermonsof the latterand of Rabbi Shim'onAgassi (1852-1914).

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