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This is often the 1st statement in any language on Aeschines' opposed to Timarchos, the prosecution speech within the politically an important trial of 346/5BC. The case was once that Timarchos was once forbidden to carry public place of work and disenfranchised simply because he had engaged in unsuitable gay relationships long ago and had wasted his inheritance on debauchery. The speech is our most vital resource for Athenian felony sanctions and ethical attitudes bearing on same-sex kinfolk, and has been the point of interest of excessive contemporary debates at the nature of Greek sexualities and at the dating among intercourse, politics, and cultural existence. It illuminates Athenian politics on the time while Athens confronted the problem to her independence from Philip of Macedon. it's a rhetorical masterpiece of misrepresentation, which persuaded the jury to convict Timarchos even though Aeschines had nearly no facts of his misdeeds. This publication offers a brand new translation, a whole advent, and a remark, all obtainable to these with out wisdom of Greek. The advent explores the most problems with the case, together with Aeschines' profession, Athenian legislation and attitudes in relation to gay relatives, and the explanations for Aeschines' luck: it's endorsed that the decision displays a similar ethical and cultural unease in Athens which used to be presently to provide the makes an attempt at political, social, and cultural renewal linked to the age of Lycurgus. The absolutely documented statement can pay awareness to the rhetorical technique of the speech, explores very important facets of the language used, specially relating to the ethical denunciation of Timarchos' sexual and different malpractices, and explains all references to historic occasions and folks.

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M. Harris (1986). Fisher chapters 21/3/2001 18 , 4:29 pm Page 18 AGAINST TIMARCHOS 61 Philon, Demosthenes calls ‘the disgusting Nikias, who hired himself out to Egypt with Chabrias’, indicating by this soubriquet that as a soldier and commander he was no match for the famous fifth-century general; whereas Aeschines defends him as an excellent and solid hoplite soldier (as opposed to an effeminate kinaidos like Demosthenes, see section 7, and on 131). 62 The other brother-in-law is called by Demosthenes ‘the accursed Kyrebion, the man who appears in the revels in the Dionysiac processions without a mask’ (see on 43), but he was actually called Epikrates,63 and was indignantly defended on the charge of inappropriate behaviour by Aeschines.

73 Aeschines suggests (105) that Arignotos, his blind and infirm uncle, was first looked after by guardians (epitropoi), but then neglected by Timarchos when he became of age; conceivably Aristogeiton succeeded, perhaps only temporarily, in preventing Timarchos from exercising any control over his uncle, by exploiting rumours of sexual debaucheries as Aeschines did later. 74 It may be more likely that after the conviction, Timarchos was acting quietly as a guardian of another member of his family.

Fisher chapters 21/3/2001 4:29 pm Page 35  35 acceptance of a great many male lovers, yet his own preference was allegedly for extravagant fun and gluttony with girl-pipers and hetairai (esp. 42), and he appears to have married and had children (Dem. 19. e. non-citizens; he does not urge them to give the practice up. Plato himself apparently did not marry, and like some of these other men has been labelled a ‘homosexual’;114 certainly his work displays a passionate and abiding interest in the possibilities for ‘noble’ and serious homosexual love (not excluding some physical expression) to lead towards philosophical commitment and understanding, above all in Symposion and Phaidros.

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