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By Max Allan Collins

Secrets and techniques and betrayals, because the saga of darkish Angel continues!In a chaotic international the place the traces among strong and evil frequently blur, and violent anarchy and brutal repression develop into average, secrets and techniques should be lethal. So whilst Max discovers a shattering fact that Logan has stored hid from her for years, the betrayal threatens the very essence in their trust.Yet whilst Logan is abducted, all questions of fact and loyalty are solid apart. Max’s seek will lead her to a well-recognized, menacing enemy—and again into the shadow of the Snake Cult, which waits for her with chilling anticipation.But the quest also will lead her into absolutely unforeseen territory. Locked within the struggle of her existence, Max will find a captive of the cult who promises her with the only factor that has haunted her ever given that she escaped from Manticore. . . .

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C. said, rolling her eyes. " "Then sayin' you can't trust him is like sayin' water's wet. " Original Cindy took one of Max's hands in both of hers. " "... " She nodded. " "... " "So it's okay for you to lie to yourself; it's just other people who can't lie to you. Boo, the man's tryin' to be honest. He knows he screwed up, and he was tryin' to fix it... " "Girl! You wanna pout till doomsday? Or you want a man in your life that couldn't take your fine ass to bed till he owned up with you 'bout something that was burnin' a hole in him?

It's gonna work out. " "Oh, you," Max said, nodding and trying to smile, wanting to share her friend's confidence; but truth was, she held little hope. There was that damned word again: hope. And maybe this apprehension was why—on her way to see Logan—she stopped first at the control center in Terminal City. She told herself she was doing this out of a sense of responsibility, but she knew nonetheless that she might just be stalling. Still, she hadn't spent this long a time out of touch with the others since the beginning of the siege.

She tensed. "Seth ... " One of the X5s who had tried to escape that night back in Wyoming, Seth had been caught by the Manticore guards. He escaped at a later date, and Max—living in Los Angeles at the time—had tracked him to Seattle. They were reunited at the top of the Space Needle in 2019, ten years after Max split from Manticore. The reunion had been short-lived: Seth died that night, plummeting from the top of the Needle. "When we first met, Max, you'll recall I knew a lot about the X5s and Manticore ...

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