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Rose rolled over and began to swim back and forth on the gentle swell. Maybe she could work off a few pounds before Red got here. The next day, the woman was there again, with the boys and the dog, although the dog did not repeat its threatening dash. It played with the boys or sat like a basalt sphinx by the woman’s side. She waved, and Rose returned a barely polite one. The next three days were the same. They arrived around four and stayed for a couple of hours. The woman rubbed herself with baby oil, but did not apply sunblock, nor was she apparently worried about her children burning up, unlike Rose herself, who was constantly laving her own skin and that of her daughter with Plus 20.

Oh, sure. My mom’s quite the flogger. ” He half-twisted to show his upper back. Two thin parallel scars ran from his shoulder almost to his spine, pale against the tan. “I overturned a pitcher of martinis and she got out the dog whip on me. She’s totally out of control when she gets plastered. I think she feeds us beer to destroy our brain cells. She’s really quite sadistic. ” asked Lizzie, openmouthed. “Partially. My sister speaks forty-eight languages perfectly, but otherwise she’s a complete idiot.

It’s true,” Zak insisted. ” “No. I have a friend and she’s a girl, but she’s not a girlfriend. ” “I see. ” “When I’m sexually mature, Dad,” said Giancarlo, which reduced his brother to choking giggles. After this had subsided, Zak said, “Billy Ireland taught me how to drive the truck. ” “Really? ” Later, when the boys were in bed, Karp sat on this same glider with his wife, who was drinking Rémy out of a juice glass. The night was humid and warm, but there was a comfortable salt breeze from the Sound.

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