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By Hannah Alexander

A negative mystery haunts Dr. Jama Keith. yet she needs to go back to her past—her native land of River Dance, Missouri—and possibility publicity. She owes a debt to town for financing her goals. If merely she will be able to stay away from ex-fiancé Terell Mercer—but River Dance is simply too small for that.When Terell's niece is kidnapped via of the FBI's so much sought after, Jama cannot refuse to help—Terell's relations have been like family members to her for a few years. the quest for younger Doriann may well price Terell and Jama their lives. yet revealing her mystery disgrace to the fellow she loves scares Jama greater than the upcoming danger.…

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A dream she had nurtured for so many years finally coming true, and she'd been unable to embrace it. And when she looked up at Tyrell's father before her, she felt the throbbing ache inside. " she asked Monty. " "At least you admit there's a breach," he said. "Tyrell won't admit that much. All his mother and I know is that he's changed. He's not his usual, cheerful--" Monty grimaced, and his face whitened. " He held a hand up and gave a brief shake of the head. "Seriously, what's up with you? " As he said the words, Jama spotted a streak of blood seeping through the blue sleeve of his chambray shirt.

He was, after all, a professional, and it was obvious he took his job seriously. The crew completed the switch and transferred Monty to a gurney for transport while Jama tried hard to maintain her resolute demeanor. The nurse was knowledgeable. He knew what he was doing. Jama would not, however, change her diagnosis. She followed the crew out the front door and across the parking lot, and she might've followed them all the way up the hill to the helicopter in the winery parking lot. Before she could do so, however, an ancient station wagon entered the lot and pulled next to Jama's green Subaru.

They passed a road sign on I-70, and Doriann felt her eyes go buggy. Could that be right? Hadn't they just left Kansas City less than an hour ago? According to the sign, they were almost to Columbia. Halfway across Missouri. She knew this road well, because she traveled it with Mom and Dad whenever they went to River Dance to visit Grandpa and Grandma Mercer--which was never often enough for Doriann. But if that sign was right, that meant they'd been on the road for two hours! How could that be?

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