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While Allendy is 82. William Lee Howard, Confidential Chats with Boys, op. 95. 83. Dr Jean Pouÿ, Conseils à la jeunesse sur l’éducation sexuelle, op. 25. 84. P. -J. 4. 85. 37. 36 Breaking the Silence: Homosexuals and Public Opinion opposed to reactionary works (he is particularly hard on the book Venus and Her Dangers) and frequently quotes Freud, even Hirschfeld and Ellis, his conclusions are far from clear. ”88 Homosexuality was seen as proof of extraversion (masturbation representing introversion), a way of being in touch with the real world, of externalizing one’s feelings.

44. 29. 23 A History of Homosexuality in Europe Vol. II The most complete work is that of Laura Hutton, The Single Woman and her Emotional Problems, going back to 1937. The author distinguishes the initiator, the true lesbian, masculine, already identifiable in childhood due to her boyish tastes, and the seduced woman who is not homosexual but falls into the clutches of one who is, out of simple ignorance and sexual frustration. The danger to the latter is in giving in to the “excitation” and no longer being able to do without such unnatural caresses.

31. 46. 18 Breaking the Silence: Homosexuals and Public Opinion all the time. I would have, anyway, of course; my lover was living with me. But I don’t think the owners of the farm thought much about it. They never mentioned it. ”32 The reactions differed considerably according to where one was. ” At the same time, other areas of Germany were famous for their homophobia, especially Bavaria. 33 On March 19, 1921, the Ministry of the Interior received a letter from the president of the regional government.

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