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The cylinder is in a large heat bath at The left side of the cylinder contains 1 mole of helium gas at 4 atm. The right contains helium gas at a pressure of 1 atm. Let the piston be released. a) What is its final equilibrium position? b) How much heat will be transmitted to the bath in the process of equilibration? 29 Heat Extraction (MIT, Wisconsin-Madison) a) A body of mass M has a temperature-independent specific heat C. If the body is heated reversibly from a temperature to a temperature what is the change in its entropy?

The back of the handkerchief estimates he was able to make quickly for of such a panel showed that if and = 373 K (air temperature 293 K) this panel would be able to levitate itself and a payload (the Baron) of about kg. How did he arrive at this? Is it really possible? 13 in Part I was peacefully drinking tea at five o’clock galactic time, as was his wont, when he had an emergency outside the shuttle, and he had to do an EVA to deal with it. Upon leaving the ship, his jetpack failed, and nothing remained to connect him to the shuttle.

The gases are allowed to mix. Does the temperature of the system change in this process? If so, by how much? Does the entropy change? If so, by how much? How would the result differ if both sides contained oxygen? b) c) Now consider one half of the enclosure filled with diatomic molecules of oxygen isotope and the other half with Will the answer be different from parts (a) and (b)? 55 Leaky Balloon (Moscow Phys-Tech) Sometimes helium gas in a low-temperature physics lab is kept temporarily in a large rubber bag at essentially atmospheric pressure.

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