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By Rachel Nordlinger, Felicity Meakins

This quantity is a grammatical description of Bilinarra, an endangered Australian language. This paintings attracts on fabrics accumulated over a 20-year interval from the final first-language audio system of the language, such a lot of whom have given that kicked the bucket. distinctive realization is paid to all points of the grammar, with all examples supplied with linked sound records.

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4 Pronominal clitics can potentially attach to any part of speech but they are mostly found attached to constituents which are inherently prominent, such as imperative forms of inflecting verbs, negative particles, complementizers and interrogative pronouns. In this respect, Bilinarra is similar to Gurindji. Where the languages differ is in clauses where inherently prominent constituents are not found. In these clauses, the pronominal clitic in Bilinarra is generally found in second position attached directly to the first constituent, as shown in (1).

This is the main language spoken by Bilinarra people under the age of 35. 5. Bilinarra country is located between Gurindji country in the south-west of the VRD and Ngarinyman country in the north-west (see Figure 1), and Bilinarra is mutually intelligible with these languages. To the east is Mudburra, another member of the Ngumpin subgroup. Most Bilinarra people now live on their traditional lands at Pigeon Hole, a remote Aboriginal community situated on the Victoria River near Pigeon Hole Station (an outstation of Victoria River Downs Station).

The socio-political and linguistic history of the Bilinarra people 23 The Bilinarra left the protest camp between 1971 and 1972 and returned to work for VRD at Pigeon Hole. In 1981 they made a formal request to be granted an excision from Pigeon Hole Station, which is still a part of the larger VRD Station. The aim was to form a separate Bilinarra community. At the time VRD was owned by the Hooker company, who were supportive of the idea; however, VRD was bought by Sherwin Pastoral Company in 1984, which was not willing to discuss an excision (Rose 1991: 246).

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